• €1.560,00

Available in five colours (red, black, gold, blue & silver), the Puma Stock locks the gun into position and significantly reduces the involuntary gun movement that critically affects accuracy.

Being 100% adjustable, it allows for the accurate adjustment of the comb and butt sections into 5 positions. It also gives you the ability to accurately and easily set comb height, cast and angle to prevent head lifting, cheek bruising and misalignment issues. All these various adjustments can be made accurately, quickly and easily thanks to a pair of simple, identical adjustable fixtures that negate the need for a system that requires several complicated mechanisms.

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  • Adjustment 1 - Cast: right and left camber of the comb and the butt plate. Adjustment range either side up to 2.2cm.
  • Adjustment 2 - Cheek & toe: rotation of the comb and butt plate. 
  • Adjustment 3 - Stock height: adjustment from top to bottom of the butt plate and front and rear of the comb. Adjustment range up to 3cm.
  • Adjustment 4 - Cheek height & length of pull: height of the comb and stock length (LOP). Adjustment range up to 3cm.
  • Adjustment 5 - Pitch: adjustment of the pitch to positive or negative. Adjustment up to 20 degrees + or –.

For all shotgun models, right or left-handed, the Puma stock offers the choice of 3 different size grips. Taking into account the hand size of every shooter, calculate the internal palm width:

  • S Size: 85 to 94mm
  • M Size: 95 to 104mm
  • L Size: 105 to 114mm

For availability, price and specific sizes such as XS or XL, please contact us.

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